Lead Nurturing

Your organization invests significant amounts to meet new contacts (through trade-shows, your corporate website, marketing automation tools, webinars, etc.) but most of them are neither contacted nor qualified on a regular basis in the following weeks/months. Collecting decision makers’ contact details without qualifying the nature of their interest or project simply leads to the loss of opportunities, just because no one spent time to contact them again. Effective lead nurturing helps to eliminate this problem, positively affecting lead utilization and close rates.

To nurture your leads effectively, we will contact by email & telephone decision-makers (extracted from your database) in order to:

  • Understand their maturity and requirements (if any)
  • Make sure they receive the most appropriate information depending on their needs
  • Identify when the lead becomes mature enough (as detailed in the Lead Nurturing Methodology) after which we will forward the information to the sales department

Our unique methodology enables us to collect data about the following issues:

  • Decision: Is this contact the most appropriate decision maker in the company for your solutions?
  • Needs: What is the motivation for approaching your company and what are the requirements of this contact (curiosity, solutions benchmarking, project, RFP, etc.)?
  • Timing: What is the nature of the potential project (short or long-term, approved or not etc.)?
  • Budget: Is there any official budget? Validated or not?
  • Competition: Which solutions (if any) has the prospect implemented in the past, and from which software vendor? When? Are they satisfied? Which competing solutions are currently being evaluated?

The objective, to identify and qualify leads having a short-term business opportunity, is cost-effectively and successfully managed since a telemarketing expert is dedicated to your campaign one week per month for a 6, 9 or 12 month period.

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