Lead Identification

Lead generation is an essential business process that enables the consistent identification of new business opportunities among banking and financial institutions you are not very well connected with, and allows you to hear from promising contacts based on the identification of the most likely prospects for future projects.

Our Direct Marketing success is based on our unique database of 30,000 contacts and our expertise among European banking and financial institutions. Within a few days, we can extract and call hundreds of top decision makers in order to qualify their needs with regards to your services, and identify potential interest or short-term projects. As soon as an opportunity is detected with the top decision-maker in charge of your area of expertise, a teleconference will be arranged and all contact as well as project details are forwarded to you.

Our strong Direct Marketing expertise ensures that we are well placed to represent and promote your technical products and services. At the beginning of each campaign, our team is fully introduced to your corporate situation (company, solutions, competitors, key success factors) and training is arranged in order to benefit from your Sales experience.